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About NextGen History  

About NextGen Global Executive Search -  founded in 2009 when four successful and highly regarded search firms, Abba Wireless Executive Search, Active Wireless ESG, AddWireless, and Hufford Associates combined into one firm.  As one of the early proponents of bilateral matching assessments, behavioral interview techniques, and performance-based hiring principles, our founders developed the Leadership Vault, an award winning executive search platform that can identify, screen, and assess “A players” at any level.  “A players” are that elusive top 14% of the global workforce who produce 8 to 10 times more than “B players. 

About NextGen Executive Search Expertise

Our team knows the business acumen, technology, and market trends of our clients with specific industry knowledge in Aerospace (power distribution, UAVs, aviation IFEC), Artificial Intelligence (machine learning, neural networks, augmented reality), Cyber Security (enterprise, mobile, cyber warfare), Industrial Automation (robotics, power systems, IIoT), Medical Devices (in-hospital, implantable, electronic health records), and Wireless (mobile networks, infrastructure, RF components, IoT). 

About NextGen Global Executive Search, a retained executive search firm that focuses on our clients’ success in the marketplace. Our niche is startups to mid-cap high growth companies in conducting succession bench and executive search for senior corporate management and functional leadership. 

About NextGen Methodology

Executive search is both a science and an art. From the Discovery step where we learn about you’re your business, culture, and the objectives of the role we need to fill.  Further information about NextGen is the techniques we use are based on 30 years of our principals leading their own search firms as well as scientifically based recruiting and assessment methods. Look at our recruitment case studies and client testimonials reveal that NextGen delivers new hires that “meet or exceed expectations”  This is why NextGen leads retained search firms in providing 12 to 36 months replacement guarantee for our placements because our disruptive methodology virtually eliminates the high rate of executive failure that is all too prevalent. 

The Leadership Vault recruitment system developed by NextGen is not only different than other retained search firms, it’s better. We develop a custom search strategy based on identifying those who are both a role fit, and team fit and can meet the performance objectives of the role. We measure KPIs and past accomplishments as well as document the depth of industry contacts and relationships. To learn more on what makes NextGen the retained executive search firm of choice, view case studies and client testimonials

Charles Moore Executive Recruiter | About NextGen

Charles Moore

Known worldwide as The Wireless Recruiter, Charles Moore is a retained executive search consultant who is a Managing Partner and co-founder of NextGen Global Executive Search. Charles manages Ai, IoT & Robotics, Cyber Security, Mobile and Wireless.

Kelley Reinhardt Executive Recruiter | About NextGen

Kelley Reinhardt

With 25+ years of executive search for the wireless industry and leading talent acquisition for a Fortune 500 industrial automation vendor, Kelley develops key relationships with clients while placing key senior executives and functional leaders.

About NextGen | Craig Hufford Executive Recruiter

Craig Hufford

A leading power systems recruiter Craig Hufford is well known in the industry as a top level retained executive search consultant in the power systems, medical devices and electronic health records markets for NextGen Global Executive Search.