Assessing Candidate Fit for Team and Role 

How to reconfigure dull job descriptions and sets up proper screening questions for assessing candidate fit .  

What the report looks at:

  • DOminant ↔ ACcepting: Is the candidate Competitive & Goal Oriented or Deliberate & Cautious
  • SOciable ↔ ANalytical: Is the candidate Empathetic & Extroverted or Logical & Task Oriented
  • RElaxed ↔ DRiving: Is the candidate Patient & Reliable or Restless & Pressure Oriented
  • COmpliant ↔ INdependent: Is the candidate Conscientious & Detail Oriented or Strong Minded & Persistent

What the report reveals:

  • Behavioral Factors - an overview of expectations for high performance in the role along with specific behavioral factors and resume/CV screening tips.
  • Target Candidate Profile - reveals desired relational communications, decision-making, and problem solving skills plus conflict resolution and values / motivations.traits.   .
  • Selling ideas - an overall summary of how potential candidates should approach selling their ideas,  presentation, and closing skills required.

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