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Below you will find revealing articles, surveys, infographics, interviews,,and surveys in NextGen's defense systems and aerospace blog.  We look at market trends, engineering development, military strategy, and business acumen with business jets, stealth jets, and aircraft electrical systems.  Our aerospace blog covers passenger jets, military fighters, commercial drones, UAV, and rotorcraft manufacturers.  Special focus in on power systems including power conversion, power distribution, power supplies, in-flight entertainment wireless connectivity, and renewable fuels. 

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We are deeply knowledgeable in military systems, having formerly worked in the electronics ad missiles groups for Lockheed Martin.  we are very familiar with recruiting for business development, sales, and engineering in targeting and navigation systems, stealth tech sensors, unmanned aerial vehicles, as well as surveillance and armed drones.  You need an experienced retained executive search recruiter to identify the right executive management, functional leadership, or key personnel to drive strategy, develop new IP, increase market share, and sustain a growing business.   Please read our defense systems and aerospace blog below. 

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  • Military Stealth Tech – now, what’s coming and a far look ahead Military Stealth Tech  Today and TomorrowWhen the United States’ military stealth tech bomber was rumored and then when it made a public debut, it was the first-time advanced stealth technology was a reality instead of something out of a science fiction novel. Even as the US was working on the tech to hide the profile of ... Read more about this post
  • Renewable Jet Fuels Viability in Commercial Flights Renewable Jet Fuels Viability in Commercial FlightsRenewable jet fuels changed in 2016 when regular flight operations of United Airlines started using RjF.  This marked the beginning of commercial-scale usage of the alternate jet fuel by aviation industry.  As of today the commercial viability has been achieved for renewable jet fuels through demonstration of techno-economic feasibility for ... Read more about this post
  • Ai Impacts Aerospace Power Management Systems Ai Impacts Aerospace Power Management Systems Ai impacts aerospace power management in the way it can collect data and make decisions on conversion, generation, and distribution.  In our modern technological society, controlling the flow of electricity is necessary to powering buildings, maintaining efficient computer systems, and providing energy to vehicle accessories. And it is critical to ... Read more about this post
  • Long Range Commercial Drone Control with 5G Wireless Technology Long Range Commercial Drone Control in 5G Wireless Technology In regards to long range commercial drone control, according to wireless technology company Qualcomm, “5G connectivity will enable a worldwide boom in drone use, for fun, research, and business.” But for now, U.S. drone activity is limited to line-of-sight control. Regulations will need to catch up to ... Read more about this post
  • IFEC Profit Margins | In-Flight Entertainment Connectivity for Airlines IFEC Profit Margins  – In-flight Entertainment for AirlinesIFEC profit margins for business jets and commercial airlines is of  vital importance.  In the not too distant past, airlines depended on essentially the same technology for IFEC, aka In-Flight Entertainment Connectivity, as in most any movie theater.   A film was shot directly onto a screen using a projector, ... Read more about this post