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The Artificial Intelligence blog presented by NextGen Global Executive Search provides insight into Ai applications, software algorithms, deep learning, and human 2 machine interfaces to enable data analytics, FinTech, IoT, Adtech, robotics, augmented reality for consumer shopping CE, virtual reality for entertainment and military applications, wireless, securities, and robot-integrated CiM systems.  

Articles, surveys, video interviews of executive leaders in Ai, and infographics shown below in our artificial intelligence blog reveal how Ai can meet business and industrial demands as well as enabling efficiency for consumers needs by creating detailed behavioral profiles, virtual agents, bot-assisted agents, and real-time emotional analysis.   

Artificial Intelligence blog articles, surveys, videos, infographics

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In the evolving connected world, the development of cognitive applications, machine learning, and big data analytics to solve business issues is vital when  Ai frameworks are used.  This artificial intelligence blog showcases how Bi and consumers lives are improved using facial recognition, autonomous driving cars, virtual reality and augmented reality, and robotic PAs that enable mobile devices and computers to operate as humans would, thus creating smarter privacy, industrial, enterprise, and consumer solutions.  If you require an "A player" for a functional leadership, senior executive, or key sales / engineer role, explore the Ai retained search team of NextGen Global Executive Search

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  • Artificial Intelligence Recruiter Artificial Intelligence Recruiter The need for architects, software design, and algorithm developers is growing. The artificial intelligence recruiter lead for NextGen Executive Search has a solid background in identifying and placing engineers, product managers, sales / business development professionals in senior executive management, functional leadership, and lead roles to lead strategy, develop solutions for customers, and ... Read more about this post
  • FinTech Technological Innovations FinTech Technological InnovationsWhether all Fintech should be considered disruptive innovation or not is a matter for debate, according to well-educated writers at The Harvard Business review. But it doesn’t take an Ivy League education to recognize that many of the new FinTech technological innovations in the finance sector are sending tremors across the industry. Old-fashioned ... Read more about this post
  • Nanotechnology for Biomedical Usage Pros and Cons Ai in Nanotechnology for Biomedical UseNanotechnology has been slowly treading into the field of biomedicine for almost a decade now. Owing to the fact that nanotechnology for biomedical usage is still a relatively newer technology surrounded by many ethical debates, its footsteps are a little slow and careful. So what is nanotechnology? As the name ... Read more about this post
  • Autonomous Vehicles – the Future using Artificial Intelligence Autonomous Vehicles Future using Artificial IntelligenceFor years we have been hearing that driverless cars will soon be dominating our highways as autonomous vehicles are developed.  Not since the advent of the horseless carriage have we been faced with such a disruption in personal travel. But the adoption of vehicle automation will likely take longer than many ... Read more about this post
  • Augmented Reality Virtual Elements to the Physical World ​Augmented Reality Virtual Elements to the Physical World Augmented reality virtual elements, virtual reality, artificial intelligence- exactly what are they and how do they interact with one another? Every moment of our waking lives, we use our five senses to learn about our world. In our daily reality, we see people and cars moving on the ... Read more about this post
  • Cyber Security with Artificial Intelligence Elements and Ai Platforms Cyber Security with Artificial Intelligence Elements and Ai PlatformsCyber-security has always been a major concern for providers, vendors and operators of IT systems and services. Despite increased investments in security technology, this has not changed, as evident in several notorious cyber-attacks and related security incidents that have taken place during the last couple of years.  ... Read more about this post
  • Smart Objects: Blending Artificial Intelligence into the Internet of Things Smart Objects: Blending AI into the Internet of ThingsIt’s been more than a decade since the time when the number of internet-connected devices exceeded the number of people on the planet. This milestone signaled the emergence and rise of the Internet of Things (IoT) paradigm, smart objects, which empowered a whole new range of applications ... Read more about this post