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  • IoT Enables Smart Cities Attain Urban Development Vision IoT Enables Smart Cities Attain Urban Development Vision2017 and 2018 are characterized by an explosion of urbanization with as IoT enables smart cities to optimize services to their residents.  According to the recent World Cities report of the United Nations over 3.7 billion people are now living in urban areas, while this number is expected to double ... Read more about this post
  • IoT Medical Devices Security Vulnerabilities on Wi-Fi Networks IoT Medical Devices Security Vulnerabilities  on Wi-Fi NetworksIoT medical devices security vulnerabilities affects many different types of in-hospital equipment including diagnostic equipment (e.g., MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging) machines and CT (Computerized axial Tomography) scanners), therapeutic equipment (e.g., infusion pumps and medical lasers) life support equipment (e.g., heart support machines), internet-connected devices for monitoring patients vital signs ... Read more about this post
  • Blockchain Technology Securing IoT Infrastructure? Blockchain Technology Securing IoT Infrastructure? The growth of the Internet-of-Things (IoT) paradigm begs the question if blockchain technology securing IoT infrastructure properly or not?  Currently propelled by an unprecedented increase in the number of internet-connected devices. Even though the Cisco’s 2011 projection about 50 billion devices in 2020 is not ending up being very accurate, more ... Read more about this post
  • Future Cell Site Towers for IoT Data, Broadband, and Leasing Future Cell Site Towers for IoT Data, Broadband, and LeasingAs demands on the Internet continue to grow, an in-depth look at the future cell site towers needs to be addressed, especially with IoT that sees homes become increasingly “smart” with the demand for transmission equipment continuing to grow. How will this growth happen? Where will ... Read more about this post
  • Benefits and Pitfalls of Mobile Payments Benefits and Pitfalls of Mobile PaymentsMention a paper check to a Millennial, and you are likely to get blank stares. Before we address the benefits and pitfalls of mobile payments, first we must acknowledge that the idea of writing anything on a slip of paper for a payment is as anathema to them as a ... Read more about this post
  • Embedded Wireless Devices and IoT Security Vulnerabilities Embedded Wireless Devices and IoT Security VulnerabilitiesEmbedded Wireless devices, once thought to be too small to include their own security, undergo a more thorough analysis beginning with firmware testing. The software inside the chip is just as important as the application controlling it. Both need to be tested for security and quality. Some of the early ... Read more about this post
  • LTE and 5G compete or compliment IoT networks? LTE and 5G compete or compliment IoT networks?Curious – can LTE and 5G compete or compliment IoT networks or the other way around? The big cellular companies have heavily invested in Long-Term Evolution (LTE) networks and the coming 5G network. They are saying it can compete with the Internet of Things (IoT) network that smaller ... Read more about this post
  • Self Organizing Networks drives down Mobile HetNet cost Self Organizing Networks drive down Mobile HetNet Cost As technology continues to advance, Self organizing networks drive down mobile Hetnets cost.  Known as SON, it has promise for the large cellular carriers that run LTE but additionally for smaller networks running on Wi-Fi and femtocells.  The goal of all carriers is to lower their overall operating ... Read more about this post
  • Zero Rating for ISPs and Mobile Network Operators is a Growing Trend Zero Rating for ISPs and Mobile Network OperatorsA report on zero rating by the Federal Communications Commission just a week and a half before the inauguration of Donald Trump said that zero rating for ISPs and mobile network operators violates net neutrality rules. “Zero-rated” applications do not count toward data caps or usage allowance imposed by internet ... Read more about this post
  • IoT Medical Devices Transforming Healthcare with Implants and Wearables IoT Medical Devices Transforming  HealthcareIoT medical devices transforming healthcare by changing every aspect of our social and professional lives as billions of pervasive devices enable the acquisition of timely and accurate information about our personal context, the data gathering transforms what doctors can do with actionable knowledge. The healthcare sector provides an excellent example of the ... Read more about this post
  • Network Function Virtualization – What NFV will do for Operators Network Function Virtualization is ready to take offNetwork function virtualization, as Dylan would say, the times they are a changin’.  Network Function Virtualization has come to the mobile operator, and according to strategic business advisor Northstream. It will be part of a “natural evolution of existing infrastructures” bringing greater efficiency and lower costs. But the key ... Read more about this post
  • IoT Recruiting – does your search firm deliver results? IoT Recruiting – does your search firm deliver results? IoT recruiting  where a lot of recruiting firms out there – contingency based, RPOs, and retained search firms claim they can deliver results.   You have the need to find the right candidate for a key senior executive or functional leadership role.  Or you need a key ... Read more about this post
  • Smart Objects: Blending Artificial Intelligence into the Internet of Things Smart Objects: Blending AI into the Internet of ThingsIt’s been more than a decade since the time when the number of internet-connected devices exceeded the number of people on the planet. This milestone signaled the emergence and rise of the Internet of Things (IoT) paradigm, smart objects, which empowered a whole new range of applications ... Read more about this post