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​​​​The NextGen medical devices blog features articles, videos, interviews with medical devices manufacturing leaders, surveys, and whitepapers about the business acumen and market trends.  Here you will discover thought leadership and in-depth analysis on cutting edge development, FDA regulatory, and best practices.

Our medical devices blog covers EMR / EHR clinical integration, advanced health care treatment, diagnostics, monitoring, and infusion therapies, micro-implants, the latest imaging equipment, therapeutic and biomedical, medical implantables and wearable wireless capable devices.

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Advancements in electronics and software means that cyber security is an issue.  New frameworks for identifying risks and protecting consumers known as CyberMed are now being proposed.  In our medical devices blog, we discuss the advancements with Ai machine learning and medical robotics that can patrol hospital hallways with performing routine rounds, checking on patients in different rooms and managing patient charts as well as vital signs without direct human intervention from nursing and doctors. 

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Many of our clients that our retained recruitment team here at NextGen Global Executive search are members of AdvaMed, the advanced medical technologies association.  Below you will find titles with brief introductions and links to the full articles.  Please feel free to share and comment if you work within the medical devices industry within North America. . 

  • IoT Medical Devices Security Vulnerabilities on Wi-Fi Networks IoT Medical Devices Security Vulnerabilities  on Wi-Fi NetworksThe Internet-of-Things (IoT) is gradually realizing a radical transformation of healthcare services based on the deployment of numerous medical devices, which already represent a considerable segment of the billions of internet-connected devices that are nowadays available. IoT medical devices security vulnerabilities affects many different types of in-hospital equipment including diagnostic ... Read more about this post
  • Nanotechnology for Biomedical Usage Pros and Cons Nanotechnology for Biomedical Use Nanotechnology has been slowly treading into the field of biomedicine for almost a decade now. Owing to the fact that nanotechnology for biomedical usage is still a relatively newer technology surrounded by many ethical debates, its footsteps are a little slow and careful. So what is nanotechnology? As the name would suggest, ... Read more about this post
  • Cyber Security for IoT Medical Devices Monitoring, Diagnosis, and Dispensing Cyber Security for IoT Medical Devices Monitoring, Diagnosis, and Dispensing Now that we are fully engrossed in the cyber age, there are rapid advances across the board for all things connected to the Internet and cyber security for IoT medical devices is no exception. These devices, often called “The Internet of Things,” or IoT, has certainly made ... Read more about this post
  • Proactive Ransomware Mitigation Strategy for EMR Proactive Ransomware Mitigation Strategy for EMR Ransomware is distributed as a social engineering ploy via email, malicious links and malvertizing, among other techniques. A proactive ransomware mitigation strategy for EMR is needed as once a user falls prey to these human exploits, ransomware is downloaded to the victim’s computer to begin the malicious process.   The virus ... Read more about this post
  • Healthcare Cyber Attacks to Devices, Apps, and Cloud Healthcare Cyber Attacks to Devices, Apps, and Cloud Embracing next technology healthcare without adequate preparation will only open new risk avenues and threat vectors for healthcare cyber attacks.  Technology is perceived as a solution to address operational inefficiencies within the healthcare industry and to expand the reach of high quality healthcare services to remote regions. But the ... Read more about this post
  • IoT Medical Devices Transforming Healthcare with Implants and Wearables IoT Medical Devices Transforming  HealthcareIoT medical devices transforming healthcare by changing every aspect of our social and professional lives as billions of pervasive devices enable the acquisition of timely and accurate information about our personal context, the data gathering transforms what doctors can do with actionable knowledge. The healthcare sector provides an excellent example of the ... Read more about this post
  • Healthcare Industry Unprepared for Cyber Attacks and here’s why… Healthcare Industry Unprepared for Cyber Attacks and Here’s Why… Healthcare industry unprepared for cyber attacks as the cybercrime threat landscape for medical devices and electronic health records is evolving at unprecedented rates.  The malicious intent of financially motivated or state-sponsored cyber-criminals was best served by victimizing financial institutions, power infrastructure and the business sector. The sheer ... Read more about this post