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The NextGen recruitment blog is full of valuable information on talent acquisition and executive search, how to attain longer retention of new hires, onboarding principals that work, mentoring, coaching, and self-development action plans.  

Good recruiting begins with discovery about the team the new hire will work within, the corporate vision for both company and team, and analysis of the motivations, relational communications skills, decision making traits, and conflict resolution skills of the team in order to determine if candidates being considered will be a positive addition. 

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In this recruitment blog discussions are about the effectiveness of job boards, how to create recruitment campaigns that work, how screening candidates for both team fit and role fit are far more accurate than matching experience and skills, and comprehensive pre-employment background checks.  Articles and infographics reveal the high cost of executive failure and how to best beat the national trend of 46% of all new hires failing within the first 18 months. 

Recruitment Blog reveals Tips and Tricks to Better Hiring Practice and Longer Retention

Below are titles,talent acquisition process that comes with a 12 to 36  summaries, and links to full articles in the NextGen recruitment blog.  If you are in need of a performance based recruiting team that identifies and recruits the top 15% of thw\e workforce at any level, take a look at the NextGen Global Executive Search talent acquisition process that comes with a 12 to 36 months replacement guarantee.   Please feel free to share or make comments on any of the articles below. .   

  • New Hire Onboarding Process Increases Productivity New Hire Onboarding Process Increases Productivity The new hire onboarding process, for so many companies, is crammed into orientation or fails.  New hire onboarding increases productivity when used correctly.  Unfortunately the main causes for onboarding failure are two-fold.  One is Human Resources tries to use a “one-size-fits-all” approach.  Secondly, it involves too much valuable time of ... Read more about this post
  • Candidate Assessments Often Fail to Measure Team Fit and Role Fit Team Fit and Role Fit – Most Candidate Assessments Fail to MeasureCorporate recruiters and staffing firms utilize various forms of screening interviews and candidate assessments but fail to measure role fit and team fit to help determine who makes the shortlist for for the Hiring Manager to consider. For executive recruiters it’s a combination of ... Read more about this post
  • Job References Making Calls vs. Automated Software for Employment Checks Job References – Making Calls vs. Automated SoftwareAll companies expect job references, aka professional and employment references to be conducted prior to making an offer of employment or shortly thereafter. Nine times out of ten these are pre-determined references provided by the candidate. Some may well include former bosses, former or current colleagues, and industry ... Read more about this post
  • Performance Objectives Focused Recruiting for Potential Candidates Performance Objectives Focused Recruiting of CandidatesLet’s look at defining the Key Performance Indicators or even better defining how performance objectives focused recruiting can be used in the recruitment screening process.  Many hiring managers and recruiters for that matter have a misconception that these are used only after the hire or limited to executive leadership roles. To ... Read more about this post
  • Education Bubble Shortage of US born Engineers for High Tech Education Bubble Shortage of US born Engineers for High TechIt’s a very tough market in electrical and computer engineers for companies that provide security applications, Ai, IoT, and aerospace products.  Under rules from FAA and ITAR to FCC to ITAR to DoD, the education bubbleshortage of US born engineers is evident.  Requiring US citizenship or ... Read more about this post
  • Choose Retained Search for Key Recruiting – 10 Valid Reasons Why Choose Retained Search for Key Recruiting?  10 Valid Reasons  When you chooseretained search for key recruiting, your first consideration in the evaluation and selection process should not be on the fee itself, but how the fee is paid. While most charge three invoices at 1/3 each, regardless of the outcome, a few do use a Performance ... Read more about this post
  • Retained Search Improves Talent Acquisition with a Competitive Edge Retained Search Improves Talent Acquisition with a Competitive EdgeRetained search improves talent acquisition by identifying, effectively screening, and bringing forth “A players”, the 14% of the workforce that produces 8 to 10 times more than even “B players”.  Today companies have a hectic schedule due to keeping up with the competitiveness of the industry. Resources and ... Read more about this post
  • Employee Recognition Program 3 Reasons Why it Works Employee Recognition Program – 3 Reasons Why it WorksA well designed employee recognition program results in higher levels of engagement have proven, repeatedly, higher levels of employee satisfaction, greater increase in productivity, greater company loyalty, higher profits, and better customer satisfaction. Let’s look at the facts. In 2013, a poll conducted by Gallup found that ... Read more about this post
  • Comprehensive Pre-Employment Background Checks best practices Comprehensive Pre-Employment Background Checks for Executive HiresComprehensive pre-employment background checks are an absolute necessity.  Your time is a valuable commodity. When you consider taking on a high-touch candidate destined for executive placement it is of even greater importance, as the time you spend performing comprehensive background checks may be considerable. Above all, you don’t want ... Read more about this post
  • Cost of Failed Executive Hires – Eliminate Poor Recruiting Techniques Cost of Failed Executive Hires – Eliminate Poor Recruiting The cost of failed executive hires is tremendous. This is NOT limited to just CXOs and SVPs – same goes with VP and Director levels. It is surprising how many mid-cap and large conglomerates retained big-named search firms without realizing that with the exception of a few ... Read more about this post
  • Increasing New Hire Productivity | Team Fit Role Fit Increasing New Hire ProductivityIncreasing new hire productivity requires making sure the new employee can hit the ground and produce.  Behavioral assessment (sometimes referred to as “Psychometric Testing”) has become increasingly recognized as a valuable source of information when making hiring decision. There is a wealth of data to demonstrate that using behavioral assessment in conjunction with ... Read more about this post
  • Employee Retention Technical Talent DICE Interview Employee Retention Technical Talent Interview by DICEWhen it comes to beginning a program of combining recruitment and employee retention together, an employer can update software programs, build core robust networks, create better security systems… there are five smart ways to achieve employee retention technical talent. Technology hiring and investment have been two bright spots in ... Read more about this post