Composite Job Report Information

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The minimum number of stakeholders for a good composite is 4 team members, including the person this role reports directly to

The Job Survey interprets the role in terms of how the stakeholders submitted view the role, PLUS reveals the exact Team Dynamics (values and motivations, leadership traits, relational communications style, and decision making traits.)

Job Surveys are combined into a Composite which then helps you to develop the Target Candidate Profile for assessing candidate fit

You will be required to upload a Job Specification Overview, please submit in Word or PDF formats.

Form Submission Tips

Please add all 4 stakeholders for the role including the person this role reports directly to, any indirect person this role reports to, internal customers, and top producing person within the role's team who is considered a peer / colleague. RULE of THUMB: These stakeholders must regularly interface with the new hire on a daily or at least 2x per week. *NOTE* Please do NOT provide Human Resources or a position that does not interface directly on a daily / 2x per week basis as it will skew and produce erroneous results.

Composite Job survey

  • Submitter Information (NOT a stakeholder)

  • First Stakeholder Information

  • Second Stakeholder Information

  • Third Stakeholder Information

  • Fourth Stakeholder Information

  • Please attach your Job Specification Document

  • Accepted file types: doc, pdf.