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Strategic recruiting for hiring managers is what the team at NextGen Global Executive Search focuses on for employers who are clients.  We offer succession bench search, retained executive search, and engagement search services.  Our performance based flat fees with the ward-winning Leadership Vault™ search process has proven invaluable to clients. 

Executive employers and functional hiring managers expect the recruiter to listen, be inquisitive, and get to know the client's need - not just working off a job spec. Our strategic recruiting for hiring managers begins with the Discovery Step to learn about the client’s history, your vision, financing and market share, why the role is being filled, determine the objectives of the role, and use scientifically based psychometric analysis to determine potential candidates’ role fit and team fit. 

employers strategic recruiting for hiring managers


Proven Methodology

Identify & assess candidates using 14 effective steps.

Industry Leading

After 3.5 years of hire, executives we placed are still working for clients

Replacement Guarantee

Eliminate risk with a 12 - 36 month replacement guarantee

Insight into How a Forward Looking Interview for Employers produces Strategic Recruiting for Hiring Managers to make Better Talent Acquisition choices.

Employers Hiring Managers
EXPECT RESULTS from their Search Firm

We are often called upon when other search firms fail to deliver the “A players” that clients want or fail to deliver a shortlist of candidates that can truly meet or exceed the objectives of the role.

According to Leadership IQ and Mercer Management, studies have shown that between 46% of executives fail within the first 18 months and over 90% of the time, it’s due to interpersonal communications issues resulting from simply not fitting team dynamics. We eliminate that as an issue and backup our placements with an industry leading 12 to 36-month replacement guarantee. 

We use success based flat fees, eliminating the inherent conflict of interest associated with compensation-based search fees. For the employers / client, it's all about strategic recruiting for hiring managers resulting in new hires that execute and meet or exceed performance objectives.