Engagement  vs Contingency Recruiting
What is YOUR best option?

When it comes to selecting the right executive search firm to fill a critical role or key staffing need  that is not at the executive or management level, you have a CHOICE.  In choosing engagement vs contingency recruiting, you can actually get the huge benefits of a laser-laser-focused retained executive search process but at a cost-savings in an Engagement based Search, where you'll receive a shortlist of qualified ​candidates who can meet or exceed the objectives OR  receive lesser  qualified applicants using a contingency based search.   

For these types of open positions, you have three choices - overseas based RPO which  rarely brings forward anything resembling even a "B player", contingency recruiting which by and large post jobs on Linkedin and delivers active job seekers, or engagement based recruiting, which strictly delivers the top 14% of the workforce  - the "A players" who output is 8 to 10 times more than even B players and are NEVER looking at job postings.    After review, you easily can see why engagement vs contingency recruiting is a no-brainer in the better choice. 

Make sure you ENGAGE the RIGHT search firm.  View this short video on engagement vs contingency recruiting 

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  • Award-winning proven recruitment process
  • Success based fees paid on deliverables & hire
  • Shortlisted Candidates team & role fit analysis
  • Measures candidate KPIs /  industry contacts
  • Deep screening + candidate video intro
  • No risk 12 to 24 months replacement guarantee
  • 24/7 access - complete search transparency

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