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NextGen Executive Search Consultant team is a seasoned group of executive recruiter with between 5 to 30+ years in retained search, succession bench, talent acquisition, staff alignment, and engagement recruitment staffing services.  

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Charles Moore
Artificial Intelligence | Augmented Reality | Mobile - Wireless - IoT

Known worldwide as ​The Wireless Recruiter Charles Moore is a Managing Partner and co-founder of NextGen Global Executive Search recruiting senior executives and functional leaders in Ai, wireless ecosystems, and IoT, 

Kelley Reinhardt
Industrial Automation | Robotics | IIoT | Fluid & Magnetic Power Systems

With 25+ years  as an executive search consultant and leading corporate talent acquisition for an industrial and construction equipment distributor, Kelley Reinhardt is a partner at NextGen developing key relationships 

Craig Hufford
Aerospace | Cabin Power | Aviation IFEC | Defense Aircraft | C4/5 ISR  

A managing partner for NextGen, Craig Hufford is well known in the industry as a top level retained executive search consultant in  aerospace power systems, drones and stealth tech, weapons systems, and C4/C5 ISR.  

Executive Search Consultant Office Locations

Aerospace & Defense Systems
IFEC & CMS | Commercial Drones
Military UAVs | Stealth Tech Sensors

Seattle, WA - (425) 728-8991

Artificial Intelligence | Virtual Reality | Augmented Reality | FinTech | AdTech Machine Learning | Neural Networks 

San Francisco, CA (650) - 351-7701

Cyber Security | Enterprise Security
Mobile Security | Cyber Wireless
Cyber Warfare | Cyber Defense

Alexandria VA, - (571) 421-1076

Industrial Manufacturing | Automation Robotics | CiM | Industrial IoT
LED Lighting | Power Design & Supplies

St. Louis, MO - (636) 866-0676

Mobile Digital Media | Mobile / Cable Network Operators |  Location Based Advertising | Mobile Payments

Manhattan, NY - (646) 930-4333

         Wireless Ecosystems | Mobile                 Infrastructure | RF Components          IoT Data - Devices - Networks

Austin, TX - (737) 212-9210

Executive Search Consultant International | Europe Office

Northampton, UK +44 (1604) 600774