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Artificial Intelligence Executive Search​

The Artificial Intelligence executive search consultants of NextGen Global recruits senior executives, functional leaders, and key engineering / sales roles in helping clients to enhance their capabilities and market share by placing high impact "A players".   

More and more companies are adopting Ai applications, data science, digital systems, mobile apps, software algorithms, and H2M interfaces to enable FinTech, big data analytics, cyber security, IoT, medical imaging, securities, medical devices, motor control robotics ICs and neural networks.  Our searches meet clients needs to meet industrial demands as well as enabling efficiency for consumers needs by creating detailed behavioral profiles, virtual agents, bot-assisted agents, and real-time emotional analysis.

NextGen has successfully recruited key personnel for startups, mid-cap, and spin-offs that are developing artificial intelligence using natural language and context-aware processing, platforms such as IBM Watson, Microsoft Azure, Chatbots; methods including k-nearest neighbors, random forests, and ensemble methods.   In particular, our Ai searches usually involve those experiences with system integration architectures, private and public cloud architectures, solutions for Ai use cases, and big data information management.  

In addition, many of our clients require experience in a regulated environment emt such as aerospace, aviation, cyber security, medical devices and/or health care industry.  

Artificial Intelligence Executive Search Firm that Delivers

A connected world is coming with the development of cognitive applications to solve business issues using leading AI technology frameworks.  Face recognition, autonomous driving cars, advanced medical imaging, and robotic PAs now enable mobile devices and computers to operate as humans would, thus creating smarter privacy, industrial, enterprise, and consumer solutions.

As featured in Cognitive World, NextGen has expertise in artificial intelligence executive search recruitment as evidenced by our Ai blog articles.  When you need an “A player”  at any level – that top 14% that produces 8 to 10 times more than “B players”, look to NextGen Global Executive Search for your artificial intelligence executive search recruitment vendor.   We partner with the Executive Hiring Team to deliver candidates that meet or exceed your expectations.

Learn how our award-winning Recruitment Search Process meets your Artificial Intelligence staffing needs

Recruiting in Artificial Intelligence Executive Search 

Over 7 years in Artificial Intelligence Executive Search serving clients worldwide with placements including CEO, CTO, SVP, VP, and Director levels  in engineering, sales, business development, and product management, as well as Principal Ai Architects. 

  • Consumer Based Fitness / Sports / Medical 
  • AI-Guided Drones and UAVs
  • Automotive / Transportation / Self Driving Cars
  • Electrical and Electronics Robotics in Manufacturing
  • Facial Recognition Advertising and Marketing
  • Fraud Detection / Cyber Security
  • Health Assistance / Medical Mgmt Drug Dev
  • Medical Imaging and Medical Devices
  • Motor Controls, NanoTech, ICs
  • FinTech / BFSI
Charles Moore artificial intelligence executive search

Charles Moore

Managing Partner / Practice Lead