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Next Gen Cyber Security Executive Search

At NextGen, our Cyber Security executive search experience has successful placements due to our breadth of connections and insight into enterprise networks computer security, digital forensics, mobile security, cyber warfare and counterintelligence, threat detection and threat analysis, and cyber wireless. For clients, NextGen Executive Search is retained by clients in North America to identify, recruit, and assess top producers in senior executive management, functional leadership, and key professionals in security design, algorithm development, red and blue teams in cyber warfare,  We have successfully placed over 200 predominantly “A Players” in cyber security executive search

Our cyber security executive search practice has the domain knowledge and network to pinpoint the business acumen and technical prowess required of top talent to excel in identifying, recruiting, and placing cyber security threat intelligence professionals for clients worldwide including cloud, mobile networks, enterprise wireless, public safety, financial, power systems, aerospace, industrial, medical devices, electronic health records, and IoT data and devices technologies.

The most common feedback in our cyber security executive search practice that we receive from clients is the executives, functional leaders, and key developers we place exceeded expectations, which is evident by a 93% retention rate after 3.5 years of new cyber security hires we place and 83% still there at 5 years.

The NextGen cyber security executive search team has experience within the marketplace, as evidenced by our cyber security blog articles goes a long way in having a vast network and rolodex of connections. 

Learn how our award-winning Recruitment Search Process meets your Cyber Security staffing needs

Cyber Security Executive Search Firm

30+ years in Cyber Security recruitment serving clients worldwide with placements including:

  • CISO | CRO | CDO
  • Network and Cloud Security Engineers | Analysts
  • Big Data | Risk Analysis Leaders
  • Digital Forensics | eDiscovery Functional Leaders
  • VP and Director of  Threat Management
  • Application Security Architects
  • IoT & Mobile Security Applications
  • Intrustion Detection & Prevention