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Industrial Manufacturing Executive Search

Industrial manufacturing executive search from NextGen's trusted recruitment search consultants consistently identify and deliver talent that are influencers with the experience and expertise to enable your company to sustain your business and stay competitive in the global marketplace.

Whether you are a manufacturer, supplier, or integrator in industrial automation and computer integrated manufacturing, Industrial IoT, robotics, LED lighting, energy storage, power transformers, magnetics, or fluid power; companies trust NextGen to recruit the corporate leader, functional manager, or key person you need in strategic leadership, project or product management, sales, business development, engineering, logistics or SCM, manufacturing and R&D.  

With 20+ years recruiting in industrial manufacturing executive search, NextGen has numerous industry contacts and expertise in recruiting for manufacturers in aerospace, cyber security hardware, Ai machine learning in industrial automation, medical devices, wireless systems, and mobile infrastructure - as evidenced by our 
blog articles.  Our team unearths and recruits "A players" using the award-winning Leadership Vault search process to deliver candidates who meet or exceed your expectations in industrial automation. 

With the ubiquitous applications of new electrical power systems and Ai driven applications, the needs of manufacturers and industrial plants requires more efficiency, Ai enabled robotics and applications are expanding, therefore the need for expert recruitment is required for industrial manufacturing executive search is growing

Learn how our award-winning Recruitment Search Process meets your Industrial Manufacturing staffing needs

Industrial Manufacturing Executive Search Experience 

25+ years serving clients worldwide with placements including:

  • Chief Executive Officer
  • VP, SCM and Logistics
  • Director CiM and Robotics
  • Chief Technical Officer
  • Chief Information Officer
  • GM Business Unit
  • SVP Engineering
  • VP Transmission Engineering
  • VP Manufacturing Operations
  • SVP / VP Sales, Power
  • Chief Sales Marketing Officer
  • VP Business Development