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Wireless Executive Search Firm 30+ Years

When choosing an experienced recruiter, consider NextGen Global as your preferred wireless executive search firm.  You can skim from the ranks of big name generalist retained search firms and risk not getting the hire while paying a full fee or even worse get primarily "C players" from a myriad of contingency search firms and RPOs.  With NextGen Global, we use performance based (or success based) fees, meaning the majority of the fees are paid on delivering a shortlist you interview and the hire.

The practice leads of NextGen Global have a long history of finding the "needle in the haystack" and delivering the right candidates each time.  We have in-depth contacts and relationships with BoD members, CXOs, VC and PE firms and our focus is recruiting ONLY "A players" who lead corporate strategy, are functional leaders, and key principals in sales, business development, engineering, operations, manufacturing, and product management.

We have 30+ years as a leading wireless executive search firm working for startups and mid-cap high growth companies who build mobile networks such as 4G / LTE / 5G / WiFi, RAN and Core infrastructure, RF components and  embedded modules, IoT data and devices, and site development / engineering services.  

In the RF / microwave field, we recruit specialized engineers for antenna design, RFIC / circuit simulation, FPGA, DSP, GPU, firmware development, amd DSP algorithm design.  The RF hardware, systems, and software engineers have solid expertise in the use of Agile and SCRUM.  For DoD and military clients, we recruit those with Active DOE Q and/or Active SCI clearance.  One of our practice areas is cyber defense where tool such as HFSS, ADS, CST, Momentum, Genesys, and FEKO are used. 

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​​​​​​​Wireless Executive Search Firm Recruitment 

We have successfully placed  300 predominantly “A Players” as a leading wireless executive search firm with specialties in:

  • IoT Connected Devices & Data
  • National Security | Cyber Wireless Systems 
  • Embedded Wireless Modules and Antenna Design
  • RF Network - Performance - Design
  • Mobile wearables | Consumer Product Goods
  • 4G | LTE | WiFi | 5G Networks | SON | HetNet
  • RF Hardware | RFIC | FPGA | ASIC Design
  • Antenna | Towers | Site Acquisition