Performance Objectives Focused Recruiting of Candidates

Performance Objectives Focused Recruiting

Let's look at defining the Key Performance Indicators or even better defining how performance objectives focused recruiting can be used in the recruitment screening process.  Many hiring managers and recruiters for that matter have a misconception that these are used only after the hire or limited to executive leadership roles.  

To understand why performance objectives focused recruiting is effective, let's look at a why it should be utilized as enhance both job postings and the screening process.  Typical job descriptions delivers poor results, negative advertising, and lousy applicants. Generally they bespeak of a little company branding, responsibilities, requirements to apply, and a brief overview of benefits. 

What does work is to use defining the performance objectives focused recruiting in the job description and developing ideal candidate profiling of a position. And herein lies the issue, which is that most Human Resources, corporate recruiters, and external recruiters lack any sense of understanding of how to analyze how a potential candidate may perform or what they will do to meet those defined objectives. 

Using Performance Objectives Focused Recruiting NOT Job Requisitions

One of the gurus I learned from to define performance objectives focused recruiting is Lou Adler.  Here is a link to his site.  The best description of the SMART techniques come from Lou Adler's point of view as I believe he states it best.  What do you want the new hire to achieve with “x responsibility”?  Take each required skill and ask what id the performance objective of using this skill and how well the candidate may meet those objectives based on accomplishments and similar tasks performed by using SMART techniques.

  1. Specific - details of what needs to be done (task, challenge, project, or problem)?
  2. Measurable – amounts of change / % of change required
  3. Action - what will the person in this role actually do?
  4. Results - what needs to happen to accomplish the major objectives?
  5. Time - how long will it take from start to finish for this objective to be reached?

Once you have defined the near-term performance objectives, move onto the long-term objectives that will bring real added-value to the company.

Target Candidate Profiling + Performance Objectives Focused Recruiting

After discovering how to map those objectives you need to develop the ideal candidate profile. Next we will examine how a retained search firm like NextGen Global Executive Search , when, and who should be involved in defining the corporate profile, analyzing behavioral traits of ideal candidates, and refining how performance objectives focused recruiting uses team fit and candidate profiling to target and identify the candidates who can meet or exceed the management objectives.

Charles Moore

Managing Partner | Retained Executive Search Consultant for Artificial Intelligence, Cyber Security, and Wireless Connectivity. Have placed 100s of CXOs, SVPs, and functional leaders over 20+ years.

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