Success Based Recruitment Fees

Success based recruitment fees are a growing trend among elite executive search firms that offer succession bench and retained search recruitment services,  NextGen offers a flat fee with each search with no research or hidden expenses.  Tired of paying big name search firms 100% of their fee regardless of the outcome?  

The majority of the success based recruitment fees are paid upon NextGen meeting deliverables on a timely basis, which is delivering a viable shortlist of candidates that you accept by scheduling in-person interviews and final portion of the fee is paid upon hiring one of the candidates we brought forth.  Plus success based recruitment fees hat are in fact a flat fee means we eliminate the inherent conflict of  interest with compensation based fees where negotiating a new hire's compensation could increase the fee.  

Let's Compare Our Success Based Recruitment Fees, 
Search Process, and Guarantees to the "Other Guys"

Elevate your Choice in Recruiting with Success Based Recruitment Fees

success based recruitment fees

From the Discovery step to scientifically based composite Team Dynamics to the Target Candidate Profile, the NextGen team develops a custom search strategy including target candidates and companies that is delivered to the client for approval.  It is vitally important that candidates we discover and consider can be proven by detailed documentation and psychometric analysis to be both a Role Fit and Team Fit. 

At NextGen we believe in full transparency.  We then perform screening and deep interviews - delivering a shortlist of candidates that can meet or exceed the objectives of the role.  With a  24 to 26 month replacement guarantee and custom on-boarding tools for the new hire, clients love the success based recruitment fees as we've earned them, not just collected a fee.   See why companies trust NextGen Global Executive Search by reviewing recruitment case studies and client testimonials