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Talent Management

Talent management and staff alignments - do you actually know your team members’ individual capabilities, proficiency, limitations, and aspirations?

Has a one-size-fits-all on-boarding resulted in staff level of engagement dropping making talent management suffer?

Is this person proven as valuable in mentoring and managing for your next generation workforce?

Do your job descriptions align recruitment strategy with talent management goals or just list qualifications?

Do you solely rely upon "corporate culture" and fail to scientifically determine each team's current dynamics and how each employee / new hire impacts their team?

Talent Management begins with proper Staff Alignment

NextGen has developed a Talent Management System to help a workforce become more productive. A custom on-boarding plan includes mentoring, coaching, and new hire self-development action plans that can be measured. Department heads take a brief online psychometric based survey then take a brief Job which are then combines into a Composite Team Profile.

For proper talent management, staff alignment corrections are when employees of individual teams are given a corresponding survey that identifies their behavioral patterns including motivations, relational communications skills, decision making traits, and conflict resolution skills. In addition, we measure their ability to sell their ideas / solutions and persuade others.

This allows department heads and management to view how each staff member impacts team dynamics by looking at how his/her style might influence those dynamics. with proper talent management staff alignment tools, you can then make better hiring decisions, utilize strengths of individuals and realize their weaknesses, as well as how best to coach, mentor, and manage both individuals and teams.

The #1 reason for new hire failure has nothing to do with skills and experience; rather it is a team fit issue.  The new hire may lack the interpersonal communications skills where personality conflicts often ensue due to not fitting the team dynamics in decision making traits, conflict resolutions skills or relational communications style. to adequately fit in.  Many clients who NextGen has recruited for often ask about our staff alignment tools which used scientifically based psychometric surveys and behavioral analysis to  make sure your talent management system is utilized effectively. 

Learn How to Measure for Accurate Staff Alignment

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