Retained Search  vs Contingency Recruiting
What is YOUR best option?

In the retained search vs contingency recruiting decision, many wrongly believe that retained cost more in the long run (it does not) and contingency delivers more applicants at no risk to the company.  When you consider reaching outside to an executive search firm, you have three choices - overseas based RPO which  rarely brings forward anything resembling an "A player", contingency recruiting which by and large post jobs on Linkedin and delivers active job seekers .  Retained search is a long step above in value and delivery. .

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 Award-winning  Leadership Vault    Search Features

  • Proven 12 to 14 step recruitment process
  • Success based flat fees paid on deliverables
  • Candidate team & role fit analysis
  • Measures candidate KPIs /  industry contacts
  • Deep screening + candidate video intro
  • No risk 24-36 months replacement guarantee
  • 24/7 access - complete search transparency

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