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NextGen Global provides talent acquisition executive search solutions to recruit your next senior executive or functional leader without going through a long and stressful recruiting process

NextGen Global Executive Search provides talent acquisition executive search solutions for the aerospace (power systems, UAVs, aviation IFEC), artificial intelligence (machine learning, neural networks, augmented reality), cyber security (enterprise, mobile, cyber warfare), industrial automation (robotics, IIoT), medical devices and EMR, plus wireless connectivity (mobile networks, RF components, IoT data and devices).

NextGen provides a Succession Bench search,  retained search and engagement recruiting

Perhaps a Board member, CXO, or EVP is expected to retire in the next 12-24 months. You need to replace him or her or perhaps you want fresh blood who can lead you into the next generation or is an expert change agent. 

NextGen Talent Acquisition Executive Search in Action

talent acquisition executive search

Award Winning Talent Acquisition
Executive Search Recruitment Process


Blends traditional headhunting strategies with an innovative web platform


Streamlined processes to make better matches and increase retention


Fast, Intelligent, Mobile


24/7 secure online access

Why is BOTH Role/ Team Fit so Important?

According to Leadership IQ, technical competence is the primary reason for hire, but 46% of all new hires fail within 18 months due to poor interpersonal communications and conflict resolution skills. 

A potential hire must have the decision making traits and relational communications skills that fit well within the team he/she will be in. Our talent acquisition executive search solutions provides predictive technology for accurate, in-depth candidate assessment.

Retention Rate

93% of candidates placed are still in place after 3.5 years.