Engagement Search - Better Accuracy than Contingency Recruiting

Engagement search is a step above contingency and RPOs.  It provides a solid 12 month replacement guarantee.  NextGen uss a flat fee that  eliminates the inherent conflict of interest with compensation based search fees.  Shortlist of candidates uses our award-winning recruitment search platform to ensure the right hire.

The Engagement Search is a hybrid of retained and contingency. Ideal for non executive roles, many clients like this method as both parties have “skin in the game” and are motivated for the right reasons. 

In engagement recruiting, a small percentage of the fee is paid when the search starts, but the rest of the fee is paid when one of the shortlisted candidates the recruiter has found is placed.  You get most of the benefits of a retained search in a pay-for-performance search.  

engagement search process in executive recruiting

Keys in the Engagement Search

See how NextGen has placed hundreds of key roles from Manager to Lead to Senior roles in Sales, Engineering, Finance, Operations, Business Development Manufacturing, and Product Management.

  • No job boards / no active job seeker “C players”
  • Engagement search mirrors retained search process
  • Shortlisted candidates measured for role / team fit
  • Unlike contingency search, you have dedicated team
  • One year replacement guarantee
  • Small cost with majority of fee paid on deliverables