Succession B​ench Retained Search

Succession bench retained search is making sure you have the right talent at the top, which is critical for Board of Directors and CEOs who need to ensure their companies thrive in a dynamically changing marketplace. When you take disruptive technologies, changing customer expectations, and new regulations into account, you need to cultivate executive talent and align teams that can recognize and seize strategic opportunities to compete and win.

With growing baby boomer retirements, executives who exit to become entrepreneurs and investors, the need for companies to retained experienced executive search consultants for a succession bench search is growing. 

Effective Succession Bench Recruitment Strategy

Internal Candidates
Identify - Assess - Develop

Define if the role is for a Change Agent of similar management succession bench continuation

Develop stretch assignments and assesses for future development considerations.

Develop coaching & mentoring programs for selective internal candidates.

External Candidates
Identify - Screen - Document - Benchmark

Identify performance objectives and behavioral styles preferred in succession bench.

Identify and assess KPIs by accomplishments, skills, role fit and team dynamics.

Analyze potential succession scenarios with time and expectation analysis.

Proven Succession Bench Recruitment Method from NextGen

Succession bench recruiters know that greater skills, accomplishments, interpersonal communications skills and solid decision-making traits are strategically important to ensure management continuity, company sustainability, succession planning, and stakeholder profits.  When sourcing talent, a key component is looking to the future. 

Don’t just think about where your company is now, but where it’s likely to be down the road. Which talent could help take your company further? Your ideal successor in a succession bench hire may be someone with an entirely different skill set to bring to the table.

Internal vs. External
Compare - Benchmark

Compare values, motivations and relational communication styles. 

Compare decision making and DISC traits

Benchmark role and fit and team fit to determine finalists.

Before Executive Hire Starts
Transitions - On-Boarding

Customize Action Plan and On-Boarding for incoming successor.

Develop scheduled plan to inform stakeholders and industry.

Outline events / triggers for and plan for fluid transition.